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SoLogical Media Clients receive uniquely customized services specific to their business needs, along with ongoing support and 24/7 service. For this reason, applicants are qualified to ensure that we are the best match to exceed your expectations and fulfill your marketing needs.

SoLogical Media Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging

Your brand messaging begins with how your brand looks: your logo, the colors you use, your typeface, and even your website layout.

Additionally, the words you choose convey your message and more importantly, establish the way your business makes people feel.

Building a brand strategy, that reflects your message, is an important long-term investment. Your brand messaging reflects the values you hold along with the direction you are going.


Brand Analysis

When we create a Brand Analysis, we look through your customer’s experience. We analyze several key factors in determining the effectiveness of your message:

Consistency- Are you presenting a professional, consistent look and feel throughout all of your marketing efforts?

Brand Promise- Does your company do what it says it’s going to do? Does your company deliver what you promise to deliver?

Visual Design- We look at how your visual elements work in harmony. We look at the layout of your website and online platforms. Are they designed in a way that is visually appealing?

Website UI – UI means User Interface or how easy it is for your customers to navigate your platforms. Can they easily get from one place to another and does your website follow a predictable pattern?

Website UX- UX means User Experience or the overall feel of the website. Does your customer feel welcome? Do they feel engaged or does your site make them feel more confused?

Social Channels: We look at which Social Channels you are currently using and the level of engagement that you have with your audience. We look at posting frequency and also at the kind of content that you post. Are you using Social Media to actively build relationships of trust with your customers?

Paid Promotions- We examine your paid promotions, whether online, offline or a combination of both. We gauge your ROI and your audience conversion.

Your brand analysis provides a good foundation for building your business, creating community, and attracting audiences.

 SoLogical Media Web Development clients are eligible for a FREE Brand Analysis!

Website Design and Development

We build your responsive website using the WordPress framework. This is an open-source, secure and stable structure that is preferred by many of the Fortune 500 companies including: Best Buy, Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company, Xerox, Play Station, Mercedes-Benz and more.

A Responsive website is one that automatically adapts to whatever screen it is displayed on.  This ensures that your customer has a high-quality experience on your site, no matter where they access it from. Given that 85% of all web traffic comes from phones, responsiveness is an important feature.

Building on WordPress with a personalized theme, allows your website to be updated in real time. This affords businesses the ability to create landing pages and sales portals and then to respond to user activity. The use of various plugins give your website incredible flexibility while allowing customizations to be easily made.

Your website’s design, the form and function all play a vital role in your user’s experience and their ability to become long-term customers.  We’ll work with you to make sure that your website reflects your personality while making sure that it is always online.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing employs the administration of online advertising, designed to  maximize your budget while increasing your sales, traffic and customer satisfaction.

We use technology to define your most receptive audience by socio-economic and other demographics. We layer audience segmentation with behavioral factors to strategically deliver the most relevant message to specific, potential clients.

Retargeting ads and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) allow for adjustment throughout marketing campaigns to provide you with the best possible ad placement results.

Reputation Management

Reputation management can be one of the most important activities your company can participate in online. We’re living in a world of engagement where customers have often researched a business online even before visiting in person or placing their first order.

Customers can also post reviews on various platforms that can either boost your business or degrade your reputation.  By monitoring and responding to customer reviews, your business can increase customer trust and build positive interaction with your company.

We can help harness your online reviews and put you in a position of prominence while increasing your trustworthiness with the customers you care about.

Content Creation

We understand that creating content can seem like a huge mountain of work for business owners who are already wrapped up in the daily operation of their business while serving clients. Creating valuable, relevant, and quality content doesn’t have to be a never-ending chore. The problem isn’t that small business owners don’t want to create content, it’s that they are challenged to do it consistently.

We can help you define your voice- online and in print. Our goal is to consistently create content that can be easily shared using your voice and vision. We create content that is used between various platforms including: websites, blog, social media, visual imagery, photography, videography and even in print.

Anyone can fill pages with gibberish, and many do. Just filling pages isn’t enough. Guy Kawaskai, a New York Times Bestselling Author, has said, “You must also position yourself as an expert and genuinely interact with your communities.” 

Let us create top- notch, compelling content that expertly positions your business and that your customers can’t wait to share.

SoLogical Media Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential to maintaining your ongoing conversation. Community engagement builds long-term relationships of trust.

Community engagement extends through your advertising to ensure that customers receive the right message at the right time.

 Through community engagement, you can welcome new visitors and reward your best customers. We make it easy for your audience to participate in your online conversations.


Social Media Blueprint

Based upon your Community Analysis, we can create a Social Media Blueprint that contains a specific plan to engage your audience through various social media channels. This customized blueprint will provide you with a posting calendar for up to a year that corresponds with your marketing and engagement and social advertising goals.

Social Promotion and Paid Advertising

We proactively position you within your vertical so that your customers and potential customers take the desired action that leads to increased sales, greater website traffic and improved brand awareness. Your ads are optimized using the best practices for advertising within each social platform.

Social Media Content

Social content creation is more visual than other content because of the need for it to stand out within fast-changing news feeds. It is designed to be both visually appealing and highly shareable.

Your audience is using social media. They readily click through links, watch videos, like and they share high-quality, high- value content with friends. We can help you reach your customers and build long-term relationships with them through social content creation.

When customers are ready to buy, you business is at the top of their list.

Platform Posting

Sometimes you just want it done for you. We understand!

We are happy to manage your social media posting and to serve as your online brand ambassadors. We’ll work with you to determine your ideal posting schedule, create a calendar, and then seamlessly post on your behalf.

When we post on your platforms, we become a trusted part of your team. We post with the same attention to detail and integrity that you would use.

SoLogical Media Print and Graphic design

Print and Graphic Design

Print and Graphic design are expertly intertwined to give you the assurance that the look and feel of all of your graphics are done consistently well.

We take your ideas from a simple drawing on the back of a napkin to a fully detailed digital drawing.

Our designs are scalable so that they are crystal clear whether viewed on your phone or on a billboard in Times Square.


Logo Design

Logo design is the cornerstone of graphic design for your business.  It is the main identifier for your company and how your customers will recognize you wherever you go. We can help you design the logo of your dreams. If you already have the logo of your dreams, we can help you make it scalable so that you always have it in the right size for the right application.

Website Images

We combine graphics from trusted resources with custom made designs that allow you to have the exact look and feel that your site deserves.

All website graphics are included with web development packages. Additionally, we can update your current site with images that convery your brand story and increase engagement.

Social Media Asset Library

Having a social media asset library means that you have sharable content that you can post at any time. It also means that you can post similar content on your various channels without having to repeat the exact same content. This allows your audience to interact with a carefully crafted theme, designed to increase interest.

Corporate Print Materials

Corporate print materials include everything from business cards and brochures to billboards and letterhead. We can expertly match existing materials and create new resources for your business. All print materials come with print ready source files in PDF format, so you never lose track of your designs.


We create compelling advertisement content with high client appeal. We focus on both the rational reasons that people make purchases, and the psychological/ emotional reasons people buy.